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Il Vezzo was born in 2013 with the aim of creating something new, something different from what the already ‘crowded’ Centre of Florence offered.
Today, after almost 10 years and a succession of novelties and changes, we are following the path we ‘dreamed’ of from the very beginning, with our mix of study, a lot of hard work, a lot of passion and a pinch of recklessness.


After his scientific studies, he decided to follow his passion for cooking.
Thanks to Gualtiero Marchesi’s academy, he began to try his hand in the working world, gaining experience at ‘Ora d’aria’ in Florence, and then leaving for Piedmont, London and Marbella. He then decided to settle back in his home town, opening the restaurant ‘Il Vezzo’ where he embarked on a path of growth based on product research and tradition, the fruit of his own experience gained over time.


Florentine DOC, Sommelier, with an innate passion for research and a strong attachment to the territory. “With the aim of raising awareness among our customers and supporting the growth of every small reality in the area, I have tried to create a ‘made in Tuscany’ wine list with almost 100 labels, ranging from classic traditional wines to the most unusual and revolutionary natural wines.”

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Our Menu

Cream and Saor pumpkin, confit jerusalem artichoke, gentile hazelnut celery foam, Sichuan pepper and coffee

Selection of Tuscan cured meats from Selve di Vallolmo Farm

Rolled sheet of yeat-leavened dough with chicken liver patè, potatoes cream spinach chlorophyll, apple with vin santo and rosemary

Monkfish cheek skewer, Casentino cheek lard, kale, mayonnaise dripping and crusco pepper

Vegetables zucchini and carrots spaghetti, with zucchini cream and taggiasche olives

Ricotta cheese and spinach home made ravioli pasta with butter and sage sauce

Home made pappardelle with traditional beef filet Bolognese sauce

Pastificio Fabbri “flying saucers” pasta, Tyrrhenian Sea raw pink shrimp beetroot and celery extract, julienne marinated egg yolk and dulse sea weed

Artichoke in two firings, pochè egg, pecorino cheese english cream and fennel

Bbq calf’s sweetbread, escalore, anchovy, pine nuts and whisky jus

Bbq octopus, puntarelle chicory, mango and katsuobushi

Bbq pigeon and its brown stock,Pietramala potatoes purée, candied shallot and black cabbage

Fiorentina steak

Green or Mix salad with carrot, tomatoe, cucumber and fennel

Green salad

Roast potatoes

Sauteèd vegetables mix

Cantucci traditional dry biscuits with almonds and vin santo

Home made tiramisù

Purple cabbage gel, Tuscan bread, salted caramel, walnuts and bufalotto cheese

Ruby chocolate ganache, cashew praline,Guanaja 70% chocolate bon bon, saffron ice cream and oat foam

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