Bbq watermelon, gazpacho, aji amarillo, friggitello pepper, green tomatoe and Cinar 70

Selection of Tuscan cured meats from Selve di Vallolmo Farm

Rolled sheet of yeat-leavened dough with chicken liver patè, potatoes cream spinach chlorophyll, apple with vin santo and rosemary

Leek, hollandaise sauce, marinated scallop and iranian saffron

First courses

Vegetables zucchini and carrots spaghetti, with zucchini cream and taggiasche olives

Ricotta cheese and spinach home made ravioli pasta with butter and sage sauce

Home made pappardelle with traditional beef filet Bolognese sauce

Home made malloreddus pasta, pink shrimp from Livorno, carapaces extract, loomi, dulse seaweed and nduja

Main courses

Tropea onion with mirin, sweet potatoes, avocado cream,smoked burrata cheese sauce, confit tomatoes, rosemary waffle and cecina

Tuscan rabbit roll, almond milk, perlina eggplant, mustard and almon past

Amberjack fish, pak choi, lemon grass-ginger fumet, puffed rice, kombu and long pepper

Bbq pigeon and its stock, endive with bay leaf, curly salad and figs mustard

Fiorentina steak

Side dishes

Green or Mix salad with carrot, tomatoe, cucumber and fennel

Green Salad

Roast potatoes

Sauteèd vegetables mix


Cantucci traditional dry biscuits with almonds and vin santo

Home made tiramisù

Basil gel, cinnamomn sablè pastry, passion fruit and apricot jelly salted caramel crumble, cocoa beans and rice foam

Peach, vermentino white wine, bread ice cream, saba, verjuice, cotton candy and essence of terebinth